Emergency Holiday & Property Repairs Cover for Investment Landlords

Tue 15 Aug 2017


Going on holiday?  Then in order to relax and enjoy your break you will need to make sure you have checked that everything is in order and properly monitored while you are away.  Not only at your own house but also any tenanted investment properties which you may be responsible for. 


Unfortunately, as everyone knows, this is the prime time for an emergency to occur and so careful consideration should be given as to what the tenant should do when you are away. 


If you are lucky, you will have an amazing tenant who can either deal with most situations themselves, or has the telephone numbers of your preferred contractors ready to phone if a problem should arise. 


An alternative solution may be to pass your tenant the telephone number of a trusted friend, colleague or relative who can deal with any issues in your absence. 


Obviously, all this additional worry can be avoided if you already have a managing agent but you may feel that this is unnecessary when there are only two or three weeks a year when it is a concern. 


At Harcourts we can provide emergency repairs cover should a landlord require this for any reason.  In addition, we can offer more individual specialist items such as arranging landlords Gas Inspections, Legionella Risk Assessments or Rent Officer Consultations. 


If you have problems with finding reliable Gas Engineers for your inspections, are unsure how to proceed with Rent Officer Inspections and Consultations, or have concerns over any of the other various regulations all landlords must now adhere to, then please do not hesitate to call Harcourts on 023 8063 7438 or email enquiries@harcourts-property.co.uk.  We are always happy to provide advice and support on any of these issues whether you are a client or not.