Tue 18 Apr 2017


It is always uplifting to see the sun again after a long dark winter.  For a lot of people the first thing they think about is putting new life into their gardens in preparation for the good summer we all hope is round the corner.  


However this is usually a personal choice, dependant on the size of garden and how long you intend to spend in it.  When you are planning or thinking about a garden for an investment property it is not always clear as to how much work you should carry out.   


If you have just spent a small fortune renovating the interior of a property, is it necessary to also consider spending further money to make the garden as attractive and appealing as possible, or just carry out a basic trim and tidy?  


Once again, this decision should take into consideration the type of property.  It is essential to make sure that the hedges are trimmed back and the lawns mowed.  Ensure that the paths are free of any trip-hazard and the patio is cleaned properly.  A small garden can benefit from laying shingle or a patio, which can minimise future upkeep.   


Most important is to take plenty of photographs to give good clear evidence of the quality of care and what is expected when the tenants leave. 


Any work you carry out should be able to be easily maintainable by your prospective tenant.  If you have a large, elaborate garden then consideration may be needed as to whether to arrange a contract with a gardener to keep it in good order.  Also a tenant is unlikely to want to buy or hire expensive lawn mowers or hedge trimmers during their tenancy, so unless these are provided it would be unrealistic to expect them to maintain a large garden. 


Nevertheless, the garden is an important part of any property and may be the very reason the tenants have taken the house and is therefore definitely worth consideration.   


At Harcourts we can offer specialist advice on all property matters and use a range of contractors who can help in providing ongoing care.  Please give us a call for assistance with any property query you may have.