Spring Clean Your Home and Garden

Thu 02 Mar 2017


We are fast approaching the time of year when you might be planning to make changes to your property, This may be on a small scale, such as buying a few new plants, redecorating or changing the lay-out of your home.  


Whatever your plans are it is always a good time to see how you can improve things and have a good tidy-up after the winter, both internally and externally.  This does not necessarily involve high cost but can often make a real difference. 


Kerb appeal is always important.  If you are moving, letting out a property or just expecting visitors, people usually make up their minds immediately they see a house as to whether they like it or not and you cannot always rely on the interior to change their minds, no matter how good it is. 


Keeping lawns and shrubs trimmed and ensuring that there are some flowers whether in tubs or hanging baskets is always a good plan and lifts everyone’s mood when they see the property.  Even if you do not want to carry out a major outside painting project, ensure that the front door itself is clean and in good condition.  A door mat is essential and make sure the front door bell works. 


If you own a flat, then ensure that the managing agents or freeholders are keeping the communal areas cleaned regularly and hallways and stairs are kept clear.   


First impressions once someone enters the property are also important.  If your hallway is small and dark try to de-clutter as much as possible and keep doors open to improve the impression of light and space. 


A clean and tidy property is always welcoming and appealing.  At Harcourts we can offer specialist advice on all property matters and use a range of contractors who can help in providing ongoing care.   


If we can help you in any way, then please contact Harcourts on 023 8063 7438, email enquiries@harcourts-property.co.uk or check our website at www.harcourts-property.co.uk for initial free advice.