Block Management Services

Block Management Services

At Harcourts, we take the time to listen to our clients so that we can provide a service which is catered to your specific requirements.  Every block is unique so we work with freeholders and lessees to find the most effective way to protect everyone’s interests.  

We are seeing a growing interest in our Block Management services as more and more lessees are becoming dissatisfied with the impersonal response that can often occur with some of the larger corporate managing agents.  As an independent office, we are able to deliver a more dedicated and personable service.

As a small close team, we work hard to build relationships with our clients and residents.  We always endeavour to respond as quickly as possible to any query or maintenance issue whilst providing the most cost-effective solution.

Harcourts has over thirty-five years’ experience of Property Management which enables us to provide advice and guidance on every aspect of Block Management, whether you want a fully comprehensive service or wish to retain overall control yourselves.

You may have already made the decision to change management companies or perhaps you are now finding the responsibility just too much, either way, give Harcourts a call and we can discuss any concerns or queries you have.  Alternatively, we are always happy to visit your block and speak to you directly.

Block Management Charges

As a guide, our standard management charge for blocks of six to eight flats, with no additional features such as lifts or live-in caretaker is currently £162.30 including VAT per unit per annum.  

Where applicable, these charges cover:-

  • An initial visit and meeting with Lessees to discuss all current and future requirements, together with suggesting proposals for planning required works over an agreed time scale.

  • Taking notes of all Lessees’ details as required in order to undertake and maintain the provisions of the ruling Lease.

  • Preparing the annual service charge budgets, together with the collection of ground rent payments and standard maintenance service charges as applicable.

  • Administering the service charge accounts, including receiving, checking and paying contractor invoices. 

  • Accounting to Lessees on an annual basis, maintaining financial records and liaising with accountants as necessary.

  • Attending Lessee Meetings as required, together with reasonable calls to the property.

  • Managing the day-to-day requirements of the building together with advice on planning major works, to include instructing specialist technical advisors as necessary.

  • Advice on leasehold matters.

  • Out of hours emergency maintenance contractors.

We also charge 12% including VAT on any major expenditure arising where we have been involved in organising works.  This would typically involve consulting on Major Works as covered by Section 20 of the Landlord and Tenant Act, to include liaising with Lessees, neighbours, contractors and specialist surveyors and issuing the appropriate Notices as necessary.  Involvement in administrating Insurance Claims where two or more flats are affected would also be charged at 12% including VAT.

In addition, we can provide the following services but do reserve the right to charge an additional fee as appropriate:-

  • Company Secretary duties, including completing company returns.

  • Arranging Building Insurance Valuations.

  • Empty Building inspections (should a flat be left unoccupied for any length of time, or as required under the Building Insurance Policy).

  • Debt collection administration charges (for payment by the debtor).

  • Land Registry enquiries.